Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Friday, July 7, 2017

1974 Kellogg's Baseball Card Backs #49 - 51

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#49 - Manny Mota

When a guy had his positions listed as Outfield - Infield I assumed he could do it all.  This is quite the difference from Blomberg being listed as DH.  

Manny preferred to make contact rather than swing for homers.  He excels as a part-time player and pinch hitter.

Not on the card - he lasted until 1982 but he was almost exclusively a pinch hitter after 1973.  He was an all-star in 1973 somehow.

I would have never guessed that he batted .304 for his career.  

#50 - Davey Johnson

Does anyone other than Johnson list skin diving as a hobby?  

A guy who showed no power as an Oriole moved to the Braves and set the all-time record for homers by a second baseman.  

His card has lots more random stuff than normally seen in a bio.  Here they are:
- he is a licensed pilot.
- he has a math degreee
- his is friends with Falcons football player Tommy Nobis from their high school days in Texas.

Not on the card - Nobis has a Kellogg's card in the 1970 Football set.

#51 - Sal Bando

Bando had perfect attendance for the third time in six seasons.  He improved his average 50 points in 1973 from 1972.  

He had two homers in the deciding playoff game against Baltimore.

I ignore those signing bonus numbers on the cards.  It might have seemed like a lot when I dug this card out of the cereal box, but those numbers are laughable now.

Not on the card - I remember Bando, Rudi, Hunter and the other A's all being a big deal in the free agent market.  Bando signed with the Brewers but he never did much for them. 

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