Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Why is My Blog Named Like This? Clemente Card Information?

I got another one of these Clemente cards from Puerto Rico.  I just can't pass them up when they are around five dollars.  They seem to sell for a wide range of prices.  I am going to ask some of the dealers at the National.  There are usually a few dealers who focus on Clemente.  Their take would be interesting.

I seem to get this card (#1) more than the others.

And now for the rest of the story about the new card show I attended this weekend.  There is no more Kellogg's content so feel free to stop reading this post.

*************** boring history of my weekend follows; it also relates to how this blog was named.

I decided at 1:00 on Saturday to drive by myself from IL to ME since I found a five-mile race that I wanted to do.  From 1:00 to 2:00 I packed some stuff,signed up for two races online (the second one was in VT) and I booked rooms for the three nights in three different places - PA, ME and NY.  I was out the door at 2:00.

At the hotel on Saturday I realized that if I got up early I could get to a card show in CT.   That's the show that I mentioned finding the cheap Kellogg's cards.  I saw a public golf course so I decided to use the range.  I ended up playing nine holes on the easy par-3 course.  That was a nice surprise.

The race in Maine was unique because I had to take a ferry boat to the inland island where it was being held.  I did this without my car so I just stood next to the 12 cars on the ferry boat - no frills, but a great ride.

I was warned about how this might take time so I arrived really early.  I was at the start three hours before the race was to begin so I decided to walk some of the race course.  I saw a golf course sign so I turned toward it.  It looked nice so I checked it out.  No one was there but before I left the staff arrived.  They let me borrow some clubs and I played nine holes in 45 minutes - badly again.  Seeing some large snakes on the 6th hole kept me moving fast.  No one else even got on the course until I was on the 8th hole so the quiet was enjoyable.  

The race was hot and hilly.  The residents didn't call the course hilly, but they don't live and work in flat Chicagoland.  

After the race I was back to the ferry boat so I could take the four-hour drive to Vermont.   I signed up for a one-mile race to be held in conjunction with their parade.  Lots of spectators made this a fun event.  Running two races on the same day made this not such a fun event.

Why did I target these races?  I like to do races that are not your standard road race 5ks.  I also am trying to run a race in each of the 50 states.  This holiday weekend was big because now I'm up to 48.
I've been to Arkansas many times, including to watch track meets, but I've never done a race there. That will happen in the next six months.  That will leave me with getting to a race in Hawaii, a place I've yet to visit.

Golfing in CT and ME has given me a goal for later in life - golf in every state.  I've probably golfed in 5 - 8 states but I will have to think about that.

FYI - for anyone who is still reading, this is probably the first time I've put all - three things into one of my posts - run --- fore -- Kellogg's.


  1. Well, thanks for clearing that up. That's been a stumper for awhile.

  2. Or as my athletes would say sarcasticly.....

    Thanks for that glimpse into your life.

  3. Very cool. Hopping around New England can be fun. Where about sin Vt was your race. I went to College in Bennington. Live just outside of Boston.

    1. The race was in Montpelier before their parade. Their history museum was also a nice stop.

      I've been to 32 ballparks, but not lots of the new ones. I like to sit in left field, but the last time I was at Fenway that wasn't possible. The Red Sox weren't home or else I would have gotten to the Green Monster seats. I will be there eventually.

    2. I bet the museum was great. Vermont played a big part in the Revolution

    3. I enjoyed reading about Vermont's role in a few of the early wars. I didn't remember that they were negotiating to become part of Canada.

  4. A race in every state, eh? I've been unofficially working on that myself; but, I've got a looooooooong way to go yet. Good to know there's another runner on the blogosphere!

  5. Coaching has made me a slower runner. I've got to keep working on that not getting in the way of my running. Meeting people at the out-of-town races is always fun. If I go to the races with family or friends I still try to focus on meeting other runners.

  6. Wow. Not sure what's more impressive. The fact that you ran two races in one day... or that you've participated in races in 48 out of 50 states. Either way you deserve a serious golf clap.

  7. That's the only way I will even get a golf clap.