Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Sunday, July 9, 2017

1974 Kellogg's Baseball Card Backs #43 - 45

Back for more of the same today.  Bring on the National so I have lots more to talk about.

#45 - Willie Davis

Even though I'm looking at the backs, Why does it show Wm. Davis on the front?  Sure card #43 is Tommy Davis, but he's shown as T. Davis.  There was only one other Davis who played in 1973 - Bob Davis.  He played five games in what was his first MLB season.

His trade to Montreal is mentioned on the back of the card.  Both photos show his as a Dodger but the Expos logo is on the back of the card.

Not on the card - he had 2,561 career hits.  That was a surprise to me since he was already an older player to me when I learned about the game.  He even stole 398 bases during his career.

Not on the card - the Dodgers got Mike Marshall, the pitcher, for him.  That was quite a good deal for the Dodgers since Marshall won the Cy Young Award in 1974.

FYI - Mike Marshall the Dodger outfielder debuted in 1981(09-07) while Mike Marshall the pitcher played his last game that same year (10-01) for the Mets.  The rookie Marshall didn't play much and they didn't face off against each other.  

#44 - Jim Hunter

He won 21 games for the third year in a row.  He allowed only 69 walks.  His is 49th all-time for the least walks plus hits per nine innings in his career.  

Not on the card - he was never traded.  He was a free agent signing.

#43 - Tommy Davis

Tommy Davis is no relation to Willie Davis shown above.  Like Willie, Tommy also surpassed 2,000 hits (2,121).  

Davis benefitted from the new designated hitter rule, just like Orlando Cepeda.  

The back of his card reads like a current day relief pitcher.  After years in LA, during an eight-year stretch he was in New York (NL), Chicago (AL), Seattle, Houston (NL then), Chicago (NL), Oakland, Chicago again (NL) and then Baltimore.

not on the card - he later played for California and Kansas City.

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