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Sunday, February 19, 2023

Does Anyone Collect Cards Cut From the Cereal Boxes?

and are there cards like the Tom Seavers that don't exist other than on the boxes?  I know that in the junk wax days there were four cards on the box bottoms that were unique

I have a few of the cereal boxes that advertise the Kellogg's cards found inside.  I don't see myself cutting the cards from them because I like the look of the complete box or back panel.  Here is one of the newer ones that I probably never bought.  Why?  I was in an apartment so Corn Flakes were never going to be purchased when there were so many good sugary choices.  Plus, Michael Jordan Wheaties boxes were everywhere.  I even won two MJ basketballs that I still have.    

The Tom Seaver cards are prominently featured on the back of the cereal box as shown above.  What I like about these cards, is that they really don't exist at all in the form shown on the box.  The 3-D card has a combination of both of these cards.

I also like that these Seaver cards are close to actual baseball card size.  Whoever cut these did quite a good job cutting them.  That's a skill I never have and if you don't believe me I can show you how poorly I cut Hostess cards in the 1970s.

The Schmidt card is not as large.  It is probably the size of the 1975 Topps Minis.  I'm too lazy to find the box to confirm, but the Schmidt must be on the top or bottom of the box.

The Palmer cards, like the others shown on the box, are small.  They are about the size of two postage stamps.  Someone really took their time to cut all of these cards out.  Luckily, they kept them since 1992 so I could have something to spend time on tonight.  

Are there variations of this box?  I doubt it.  The Canadian version looks to have the same layout.

Is every card available on the box?  Yes, but only Seaver and Palmer show two different poses.  Sorry, I didn't post both Palmers, which can be seen on the side panel.

There are no small versions of Seaver, but his cards are by far the best ones here.