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Sunday, February 21, 2021

You'll Never Guess What I've Been Buying This Week - Maybe You Can Tell Me Why

 I've been trying to find some Kellogg's cards for sets, but prices have gone up too much for a cheap guy like me.  Since I've been selling stuff I've been itching to buy things. 

I did find a John Henry Johnson from 1979 in the original wrapper.  That was the highlight of the week even if I overpaid by paying $10.  

The only thing that I've been able to find cheaply has been the Kellogg's hockey cards of Lemieux and Hull from the 1990s in Canada.  I made about 10 orders, all small ones.  Some included a few other cards that I don't even know anything about since I don't collect hockey cards much.  

If you are a Kellogg's collector and you are buying all of the good cards, please stop doing that so I can buy them.  Thanks for your support.  

Is the Kellogg's market feeling the same craziness as the entire sports card market?  Are there investors jumping in and grabbing all of the most popular cards?  I haven't had time to check out sale prices to know, but is the uptick happening to just the best cards - 1971s and stars?


  1. After completing my 1978 set, I've stopped looking at the rest of my Kellogg's saved searches. The 1970 and 1975 sets have been officially placed on the back burner. So I can't really say if prices are continuing to rise, but last time I checked... things weren't getting any cheaper.

  2. Post-pandemic everything is more expensive... in my opinion.