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Saturday, November 12, 2022

Additions to My Collection This Year - Card Show Next Week?

 Today is my first Saturday off since the Spring and I looked at what I purchased during the year.  Ugh.  Other bloggers have mentioned how Kellogg's prices have increased since COVID.  That happened with all cards for a while, but Kellogg's cards haven't really dropped back down in price.  

Part of me says that it great because I have a lot of Kellogg's cards.  My kids would say I have way too many of them.  But, I want to get more to find some of the variations and oddities that I don't yet have in my collection.  Current prices are keeping me from getting more cards.

When looking at what I've picked up, it wasn't even worth taking pictures.  Here is the complete list from the last six months - 

8 unopened 1972 cards, no stars.

2 sets of 1991 Leyendas, plus an extra Clemente.

1974 Ed Goodson - needed to replace a damaged one

1974 Nolan Ryan - VG 

1998-99 - 1 pack of the Upper Deck Kellogg's basketball cards.

3 unopened 1979 cards, no stars.  All wrappers are badly damaged like most of the 1979s

1 - 1992 Jim Rice unopened.  Yes, I really bought this card.

That's about one purchase per month.  Ouch.  Before COVID I was probably buying a few things every week.

There is a show in Rosemont, IL that I plan to attend next weekend.  I rarely find anything I want theres, but it is usually fun to check out the show.  

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  1. I deleted most of my eBay saved searches these days... and the two or three that I kept... I don't really bother checking them on a regular basis. Hoping that one day I will open up an email and find a really good deal on some 1970's, but I'm guessing it won't be anytime soon. Have fun at the show!