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Saturday, November 26, 2022

Unopened Kellogg's Cards - Does Anyone Get Them Graded?

I mentioned recently that I finally made a purchase on ebay last week.  Here are those cards.

I bought the cards because of the Don Sutton.  Being the last card in the set, even my unopened version of Sutton needed an upgrade.  This Sutton isn't perfect, but it works for me.

Getting a Cub and a White Sox card certainly made this purchase even better.

Unopened 1978s seem more plentiful than either 1977s or 1979s.   Unlike unopened vintage packs, there is little temptation to open them since it is known who is included.  The temptation got to me with the Kellogg's Upper Deck basketball packs and a few of the 1970 Kellogg's six-card packs.  

Since I've yet to send anything in for grading, that didn't tempt me either.  Have any of you opened a Kellogg's card to then send it in for grading?

1 comment:

  1. I've never sent any card in for grading. I have a bunch that I'd like to get graded at some point... but none of them are unopened packs of Kellogg's.